Online Business

What works and what doesn't?

There are two main types of website design companies.

1) There are companies that only build your website.

2) There are companies that build your website and also promote it.

The vast majority of modern web designers fall into the group that won't get you the best results in the search engines. When it comes to Google, Bing and Yahoo getting results is the key to your online business success.

So does get results on Google even matter? Keep in mind that 85% of internet traffic starts on a search website such as Google. The better your website's position on a search engine, the more visitors you get. Not showing up on the first page of Google for important searches can mean losing countless leads and a great deal of potential cash.

Any web design company can build a website, some are not so good. Unfortunately, most web design companies don't know how to get that website to rank well on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. What's worse is that a few designers will even promise to get your site on the first page of Google, but don't mention in advance that they expect you to pay Google every month for ads. So what about our company? We get our clients results. We not only build your website but we "optimise" it to rank well on search engines. We take over ten years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, and we pour it into your new site. That way, your site is more likely to be found on Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN. And more than likely, you found us through a search website in the first place.

Lead generation websites can provide your business with new markets, but you must know your key demographics.

Targeting online markets

  • What website demographics should you target?
  • What are the age ranges in which your website will appeal?
  • Does your website content have meaning?
  • Are you targeting markets which are best suited for the demographic intended?
  • Do you need to have special tools, interactivity, or a theme based on the type of visitors?
  • Who will use your website and what are their needs?
  • What are their goals and aspirations?
  • What are their key issues?
  • What media do they read, watch and listen to (TV, magazines, music, books, websites, blogs)?
  • Is it possible to segment your site visitors by gender? Age? Income? Geography? Education level?
  • Are your visitors technologically sophisticated? Are they early adopters?
  • Are they on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?
  • Are there other more targeted communities (online or offline) where your visitors can target?
  • What words or phrases (lingo) do they tend to use?
  • What sorts of imagery or language appeals to them?

Is your web design right for your business? Target each user persona to believe or learn about your organisation. What actions do you need your users to perform? These actions should be prominent, and a strong 'call to action' should be the main focus for most websites. Your web design company will provide you with the services that your business will need. Think about what are their core services? Are those services what your business needs.

An online business or company that has the capability to handle your entire project, from planning, to design, to development and marketing success is better qualified to do things right from the start.

  • Do they have the ability to provide comprehensive web design, development, and marketing services to industry standards?
  • Have they done system integrations or customized web projects that require excellent problem-solving skills or advanced coding capabilities?
  • Do they have experience developing mobile applications?
  • Do they have search engine optimization expertise and a proven track-record of achieving results?
  • Do they have copywriting abilities to create both compelling copies for the website itself as well as quality content for the social web?


Finally, make sure that your website gives real impact. Make sure the home page of your website puts your best foot forward. Visitors will never make it past the first page if the initial impact of your website gives a poor impression. So, you have one chance to make a great impression and to let the personality of your business shine through. "Professional" web design does not mean "boring" web design. The dev team at can help you research the latest design trends!

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